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Contract awards

Procurement Ref No Description Contractor units Amount
KPA/140/2011-12/CE  Civil Works for Sub-station A at ICD Nairobi  M/S Icon Building Contractors    KSH7,829,242.52  View
KPA/107/2011-12/IT  supply and installation of software for civil engineering department including training of personnel  Simca Agencies    KSH17,188,395.00  View
KPA/137/2011-12/ME  Supply of Vehicles to Kenya Ports Authority  CMC Motors Group Ltd & M/s Toyota (k) Ltd    KSH23,876,690.00  View
KPA/142/2011-12/IT  procurement of additional storage capacity to cater for New IT Projects  Hewlett-Packard (EA) Limited    KSH1,114,337.98  View
KPA/118/2011-12/CE  Refurbishment of Shed 2 ( plats Workshop) at Dockyard  Sea - Tech Ltd    KSH34,491,026.46  View
KPA/135/2011-12/IT  Proposed Sub-Station A at ICD Nairobi  M/S Sagoo Electrical Ltd    KSH15,838,657.04  View
KPA/092/2011-12/GMO  Request for proposal- consultancy services for the port productivity plan (PIP) for the Port of Mombasa  Maritime & Transport Business Solutions    KSH33,562,698.40  View
KPA/090/2011-12/DYD  Supply of Marine Personal Protective Equipment to KPA  Coast Industrial & Safety Supplies Ltd    KSH22,803.28  View
KPA/005/2012-13/HR  Selection of Consultants to conduct training needs analysis  Universal Technology Associates    KSH7,928,890.00  View
KPA/091/2011-12/IT  microsoft licenses- Enterprise Agreement and premier support services  Microsoft Licenses - Enterprise Agreement and Premier support services    KSH2,407,715.61  View
KPA/098/2011-12/IT  provision for migration from the CISCO pix 515E firewall to the CISCO 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance for Internet and Network Security  Copy Cat ltd    KSH94,567.95  View
KPA/094/2011-12/DYD  Supply , installation and commissioning of three complete main air compressors for ASD Tugs  Damen Shipyards ltd    KSH5,479,094.00  View
KPA/099/2011-12/ME  supply of one mobile air compressor  Moha (K) Ltd    KSH5,850,000.00  View
KPA/087/2011-12/TE  Supply of 240 no. New B/C rims 8.00x20 Hd281/33510m22  Power Parts Ltd    KSH5,206,080.00  View
KPA/100/2011-12/TE  supply and commissioning of 18No.New stinis semi-automatic new manual spreaders  Stinis Singapore PTE Ltd    KSH1,010,221.00  View
KPA/085/2011-12/TE  Refurbishment and modification of buiscar trailers to cornerless trailers  Power Parts Kenya Ltd    KSH21,924,000.00  View
KPA/070/2011-112/ME  Supply and commissioning of heavy duty forklift trucks  Konecranes    KSH2,050,446.00  View
KPA/108/2011-12/CE  Construction of Berth 19 and adjacent container stacking yard extension by further 80 meters  China Road and Bridge Corporation    KSH13,281,925.40  View
KPA/089/2011-12/CE  Proposed site clearance along the perimeter walling for the Iss Project  SACCI Civil Works Ltd    KSH62,014,944.90  View
KPA/119/2011-12/DYD  Supply of one plasma cutter and two arc welding machines  One touch gear    KSH6,576,063.20  View
KPA/103/2011-12/HPS  Biennial contract fro supply of engineering chemicals  Engineering Maintenance Products    KSH5,000,000.00  View
KPA/080/2011-12/TE  supply installation and commissioning of 3NO. new over height spreader frames  STINIS    KSH251,544.00  View
KPA/081/2011-12/TE  Supply and commissioning of 20 No. New skeletal trailers  Altair Company    KSH953,872.50  View
KPA/074/2011-12/PSM  biennial contract for supply of wire ropes, lifting and gear equipment accessories  Coast Industrial & Tradecon MSA    KSH5,000,000.00  View
KPA/102/2011-12/CE  Construction of sports gymnasium at mbaraki sports club  Island Homes Developers    KSH50,323,148.00  View
KPA/126/2011-12/CE  repairs at G-section offices and construction of Kitchen and washrooms  Marble construction co.Ltd    KSH9,503,122.52  View
KPA/104/2011-12/ADM  provision of commuter bus services for Mombasa,Nairobi and Kisumu  Bizcan transporters, royal Hisham and Holiday car and tours    KSH5,000,000.00  View
KPA/092/2011-12/GMO  Consultancy services for port productivity improvement plan (PIP) for the Port of Mombasa  Maritime & Transport Business Solutions    KSH43,250,900.00  View
KPA/060/2012-2013/DYD  Refurbishment of Winch Gear For Slipways No.5,6,7  M/s Vouch Engineering Works  KSH11,183,560.00  View
KPA/062/2012-13/ID  Construction of the First Three Berths and Association Infrastructure of the Proposed Lamu Port at Manda Bay  M/s China Communications Construction Company  KSH18,992,419,922.40  View
KPA/076/2012-13/ME  Supply of six (6 No.) Toyota Corolla 1329cc NRE15OR-DEFNK (B) Manual and Three (3NO.) Toyota Corolla 1598cc ZRE151R-DEFNK Manual.  M/S TOYOTA KENYA  KSH16,630,061.00  View
KPA/080/2012-13/CE  Construction of rest rooms and changing rooms for gantry operators and shift managers  M/s Miya Investments  KSH935,427,780.00  View
KPA/081/2012-13/TE  Supply and Commissioning of 10no. New Skeletal Trailers  M/s Altair Company  KSH482,835.00  View
KPA/063/2012-13/TE  Supply and Commissioning of 1no. Universal Milling and 1no. Heat Treatment Furnance Machine  M/s Portside Supplies & Contractors Ltd  KSH12,969,032.00  View
KPA/079/2012-13/TE  Supply and Commissioning of 5no. New Skeletal Trailers  M/s Transtrailers Ltd  KSH28,004,105.00  View
KPA/065/2012-13/IT  Provision of 25 Mbps Internet Access Services and MPLS Solution  M/s Swift Global  KSH24,132,640.00  View
KPA/048/2012-13/IT  Provision of Leased wireless Network Infrastructure  M/s Safaricom  KSH3,831,051,264.00  View
KPA/073/2012-13/CCE  Supply and Commissioning of 2no. 35 Ton Steel Wire Rods lifting spreaders beams,2no. 40 Ton Steel Sheet Coils Lifting Spreader Beams 2no. 60 Ton General Cargo Lifting Spreader Beams  M/s Graduate Agro & Mechanical Engineering  KSH185,000.00  View

Direct Procurement Awards

Procurement Ref No Description Contractor Sum Date Awarded Competion Date
KPA/030/2011-12/IT  procurement of additional servers & upgrade of existing SAP servers memory for the SAP functional upgrade  M/S Hewlett Packard EA LTD  KSH1,595,147.00  15th October, 2012  15th December, 2012  View
KPA/007/2011-12/TE  Biennial Contract for Supply of Electircal Lighting Spares for Gantry Cranes  Jobetech Investments ltd  KSH5,490.85  15th October, 2012  15th October, 2014  View
KPA/142/2011-12/IT  Procurement of additional storage capacity for new IT projects  M/S Hewlett Packard EA LTD  KSH1,114,337.98  11th June, 2012  27th July, 2012  View
KPA/100/2011-12/TE  supply and commissioning of 18NO. New Stinis Semi-automatic new manual spreaders  Stinis singapore  KSH1,010,221.00  12th July, 2012  15th October, 2012  View
KPA/059/2012-13/TE  Supply,installation and commissioning of 3 NO.ZPMC SPREADERS  M/s ZPMC  KSH21,000,000.00  27th September, 2012  24th September, 2013  View
KPA/072/2012-13/TE KPA/094/2012-13/TE  Supply of 6no. Tyres size 1800r 33TLXZM2 Stabil 'X' 214 A5  M/s Kingway Tyres  KSH6,820,800.00  11th April, 2013  6th May, 2013  View

Tender Notices

Ref # Title Publication Date Closing date